We are a team of passionate designers and photographers who have been capturing moments and editing them to create wonderful memory for our clients for several years now. As our profession grew, we wanted to collect all of our post production and workflow tools in one place that’ll make it more easier for us.

We understand how challenging editing photos is and we wanted to help out photographers and designers like ourselves to make THEIR work effective and efficient too.

Hence, the birth of HueKit!

HueKit is a premium Lightroom preset shop that sells beautiful and high-quality colour treatments and retouching tools that will help professional photographers in editing their photos.

Our collection of tool kits are both trendy and timeless that can be used for any type of photo including wedding pictorial, fashion editorial, advertising campaigns and many more.

All our Lightroom presets are downloadable and are also compatible in Photoshop (.XMP ) via Camera Raw and Lightroom Mobile App (.DNG).

Check out our Lightroom Preset Products and see how our these effects can improve your work!

Happy Editing!