Aerial: Drone Lightroom Presets

Aerial Lightroom Presets is professionally designed to add an exciting and fun tone to your aerial shots by further improving the image quality. A DEFINITE MUST HAVE for Travel Bloggers, Aerial Photographers and Drone Users!

Drone photography is fast becoming a popular way to capture images. Especially for those who love aerial shots and, landscape photography. Many people love how drone photography can capture gorgeous landscapes, cityscapes and real estate from such a high vantage point. It can simply capture images that we don’t usually capture with the usual photography techniques we have.

Being such a popular way to capture images, editing your photos can be a challenge especially if you have no idea on where to start. It will also be time consuming in just getting the correct blend of tones for your photo. 

These Aerial Lightroom Presets will be your next best friend in streamlining your photo editing and getting your desired photo effects and tone!

Product Information

With Aerial Lightroom Presets, editing can be fun and easy! Here are everything you need to know about this great product!

Aerial Lightroom Preset Examples

Our collection will give you different tones and feel to your drone photos. Here are some examples of what to expect when using the Lightroom presets!

Our Customers

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"Incredible presets and fast customer support from my inquiry. Thank you Guys"
Kate Folts
"Great set of presets! Just perfect for someone like me who has no time to edit pictures and in a hurry uploading to social media. These set of presets will save you time!"
Darryl Crisostomo
Drone Hobbyist