Vibes: Summer Lightroom Presets

Summer Lightroom Presets are designed to add glow and a refreshing appeal to your photos. Travel photographers and landscape photographers and even wedding photographers will LOVE to have this!

Summer is right around the corner (well, for some parts in the world). And most of us are excited to get some tan and have a day at the beach, or maybe take that fantastic hike while the weather is great! If you, like us, love to capture some great shots on this wonderful season, then you’ll love Vibes, our Summer Lightroom Presets.

Prep your summer photos and make them fresher and exciting. Plus it is easy to download and apply. You can easily update your profile with these gorgeous photo presets in no time at all. Take those gorgeous shots as much as you can and streamline your editing!

Product Information

Take your summer photos to the next level! Make it sunny and refreshing! Here’s some details of the product that you need to know.

Summer Lightroom Preset Examples

Let’s take a look on how the effects will look on your photos. Here are some examples you might want to check out.

Our Customers

Not sure about the product? Here are some reviews from our customers!

"Great presets and easy to customize on the style that I want. It's a good starting point."
Passi Evans