Sentri: Black & White Lightroom Presets

Black and White Lightroom Presets are specially created to add an artistic and elegant appeal to your photos. Portrait photographers and landscape photographers will find this collection a gem!

In general, black and white photos are more dramatic and powerful. It often captures emotions effectively than coloured photos. That is why it is a favourite among portrait photographers among others. Black and White images are all about composition. The colour filters, contrast and toning are mostly taken into consideration when taking monochromatic photos.

But, if you are converting coloured photos into Black and White, the use of Lightroom presets is much more time-saving and efficient. It’ll save you some time in adjusting the effects that you want to have.

Our Black and White Lightroom Presets does not only give you a monochrome photo or image. It also has some unique and interesting effects that will give your image an interesting look, perfect in capturing attention.

It is an effective tool for professional photographers in streamlining their photo editing. Talk about effective and efficient!

Product Information

There are ways to produce gorgeous images and getting our Black and White Lightroom Presets is definitely one of them! Below is everything you need to know about Sentri.

B&W Lightroom Preset Examples

Wondering how the effects will look like in your photos? Below are some great examples!

Our Customers

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"I have my own presets and even some I bought, but this presets when it comes to style and taste are different from what I have and used. It's worth it."
Andrew Zild Grimme
Event Photographer