Practical Tips on How to Capture the Perfect Travel Photos

Whenever we are on the road, our travel photos document all the things we see. As well as the things we experience and the moments worth remembering.

But it can be frustrating how some photos we have carefully taken (or so we thought) doesn’t turn out the way we planned. And it’s already too late to re-take them.

These instances are very common to all traveller and travel photographers, especially those who are just starting their craft. So don’t go stressing too much about it.

What we should be focusing here is how to hone your travel photography skills. And we are here to give you simple tips on taking the perfect travel photos!

And when we master this, we will be able to realise that taking photos while travelling can be a fun and great activity to know the place more and its locals.

Here are some simple tips on how to take great travel photos!

1. Do research about the destination.

You will never go wrong with good research before your travel. It is one of your initial preparation for taking great photos.

Be sure to know the place first before going so that you will know what to expect. Same goes with the things that you’ll need and the places you want to see and take pictures of.

Look for popular landmarks, natural landscapes and architecture around. You can also search for the weather beforehand as well as events that might take place during your visit.

Use social platforms like Facebook and Instagram to look for beautiful areas for a photo. Ask around and get in touch with local Instagrammers for tips and tricks!

2. Prepare your camera and accessories.

Once you have the necessary information from your research, then you are ready to prepare your gadgets.

Make sure that all your accessories especially your camera are working properly and that they are secured properly. It is always a must to free up some space in your storage.

Aside from storage space, remember to bring spare batteries with you. You’ll never know how long your battery will last especially when you’re happily clicking away.

While on the trip, remember to bring your camera with you always, wherever you go. And we are not just talking about day time strolls but impromptu nightcaps and drinks as well.

You will never know what extraordinary moments you’ll be witnessing. And you’ll need your camera to capture those moments.

3. Always capture small details of your trip.

While you on the road, don’t forget to capture even the smallest details of your trip. Sometimes we get overwhelmed that we just took one or two photos and we’re OK. And often times we tend to look at the bigger picture, like wide landscapes and busy street scenes.

We often found that the greatest captures are found in the smallest of details. Like for example a flower, food, a certain pattern or an element.

4. Tell a story through your travel photos.

While you are at it, don’t forget to tell a story. A stationary photo of a landscape is great but sometimes lack composition and effect.

Travel photography needs that certain dramatic flair to make people want to visit the same place too.

Therefore use other subjects and objects to put some story behind your photo. You can add beach items on the sand and take a photo with the waves crashing behind.

Or maybe a cat lounging on a sunny porch with the trees acting like a backdrop.

Use your imagination when you do and for sure you’ll come up with lots of storytelling ideas.

5. Snap candid shots for real moments.

While we are at the topic of telling a story, another tip on capturing great travel photos is by snapping candid shots.

A photo where people are interacting, moving about and showing genuine emotions make for great photos. It shows real moments that add a certain appeal to your photographs.

When taking candid shots, remember to keep your cameras ready at all times. You can use the burst mode (otherwise known as continuous shooting mode, sports mode or continuous high-speed mode) on your camera to take a series of quick succession.

6. Chase the light when taking photos.

One of the simplest tricks in travel photography is to shoot in the good light. This means taking your photos when the lighting is good which is usually during sunrise and sunset.

Photographers know that photos taken at the golden hour almost always get the good result. You wouldn’t need any other light or effect during this time as the lighting is already perfect.

Pre-sunrise and post-sunsets are also a good time for these shots. That being said, expect to get up early and stay later than most people. A perfect photo should never be rushed.

It is also good if you learn to use editing applications like Lightroom for post-production. It’s always great to be able to play around with colours using certain effects while applying finishing touches to your photos.

7. Use people on your photos.

On tip number 5 we have mentioned capturing candid shots with people. In this tip, we are talking about using a person as a focal point in your photos.

It adds an interesting appeal to the photo itself and adds a human perspective to your travels.

Locals can be good subjects but be sure to ask permission first. If you have a travel companion with you, that’s better. You can have someone become your subject or maybe you can take turns in becoming the subject.

Otherwise, use a tripod or a self-timer camera feature to help you take the photo yourself.

8. Talk to locals for hidden spots

Sometimes our research only takes us so far. Locals are often the best resource for authentic travel experiences. And amazing spots for a photo too!

While on the road strike a conversation with friendly locals. And then ask for hidden gems that they think are great photo spots. We’re sure they’d be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

Locals are sure to have a few secrets of where to get the best sunrise or sunset spots. Plus new hidden gems that haven’t been touched by tourism influx too.

Getting the perfect travel photo can be fun and adds more value to your travels. Remember to take as many photos of your trip as you can. You can’t have too many photos after all!

Are you ready to take on the world with your gorgeous travel photos?

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